Ayudá al Pomberito a molestar a una turista que no le dejó una ofrenda. 
Creado para la #cryptidjam 2019!

Parodia de Untitled Goose Game .


  • WASD para caminar
  • Shift para correr
  • Clic izquierdo para agarrar, soltar y arrojar objetos
  • Clic derecho para asustar


Help the Pomberito annoy a tourist who didn’t leave an offering for him.
Created for the #cryptidjam 2019!

Parody of Untitled Goose Game .


  • WASD to walk
  • Shift to run
  • Left click to grab, drop, and throw objects
  • Right click to scare


Source code (Construct 3 project) 6 MB


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Pobre Pomberito, no le dejaron su ofrenda pero logró su cometido. "No lo recomiendo para nada". Nice game!

Hey great game It has a lot of charm, is the altar section implemented because I couldn't find it


Noooo! D:

Is in the upper side of the map, near the barn-thing.